National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
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Challenging the frontier of astronomy with a world-class telescope – This is the dream that came to fruit for Astronomers of Japan with the commissioning of the Subaru Telescope of the NAOJ in 1999. The 8.2m Subaru Telescope constructed atop Maunakea on the island of Hawaii, a site with ideal conditions for performing astronomical observation, went on to make numerous discoveries, including setting one record after another for the discovery of the “furthest galaxy” to be ever observed, and thrusting Japan's optical infrared astronomy to one of the top standards in the world. And now, Japan’s astronomy community led by NAOJ, is set on making yet another significant contribution to world astronomy with its participation in the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Project, an international project to construct an extremely large optical infrared telescope at an unprecedented scale.

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National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) has been a participating institution of the TMT(Thirty Meter Telescope) project since 2008.

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