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1:100 Scale Model/ M1 Prototype/ Note

1:100 Scale Model

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The dome and the telescope structure are movable so that you can feel the TMT movement realistically. Movie is here (mp4, 9.5MB)

Closeup view

Dome cap was made transparent to give clear view of the inside.

M1 Prototype

Prototype of a segment mirror

Prototype of a segment mirror manufactured and polished in Japan in 2011. The 82nd segment which has the largest asphericity was polished to demonstrate that the polishing technique is above the required level. It is mounted on an actual segment support assembly (SSA). Reflective coating was not made on the surface of the mirror (so you can see the SSA).
The segmented mirror is made of CLEARCERAM®, a glass-ceramic material with virtually zero thermal expansion within the expected telescope environment. It is hexagonal in shape with dimensions of 1.44m diagonally across and 4.5cm thick.
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These exhibits are displayed at the entrance hall of the Exhibition Room in the Mitaka Campus (headquarters of NAOJ), except for temporal exhibitions outside.