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CGs in 2014/ CGs in 2010

3DCG animation in 2014 (2'20")

3D computer graphics animation of TMT was produced by NAOJ in 2014. (Note that some telescopes in this animation will not exist when TMT is ready. Removal of 25 percent of the summit observatories and the restoration of the sites will be made by the time TMT is ready for operation.)

480x270pixel (low resolution, 17MB)
1280x720pixel (high resolution, 89MB)

Usage Guidelines

  • This animation is freely available with clear indication of a credit line for
    • personal use
    • educational and learning activities
    • academic research
    • news materials by the press
  • Credit: "NAOJ"
  • You will need to ask for permission by contacting TMT-J Project office (email) if you would like to use the animation for
    • commercial activities and for-profit activities
    • electronic media accessible by the general public
    • published material
    • screening

3DCG animation in 2010

3D computer graphics animation of TMT which was produced by Four-Dimensional Digital Universe (4D2U) Project can be downloaded from the 4D2U project site.

Download: Thirty Meter Telescope movie (4D2U Project, NAOJ)

The movie can be used within the guidelines by the 4D2U project.