Program : NAOJ TMT Projelct Office

Astronomy in the TMT Era: 16-17 Oct, 2013, Tokyo


Oral Presentations ( Download (pdf; 211KB))
Poster Presentations ( Download (pdf; 132KB))


Invited speakers are denoted with an asterisk (*)
Wednesday Oct. 16 2013 @ Fukuracia Tokyo Station, 5F Meeting Room K
09:00-09:05Opening Remark (Masanori Iye, NAOJ)
09:05-09:35TMT project status (Gary Sanders. TMT)*pdf
■ Galaxy formation&evolution, AGN ■
(Chair: Tadayuki Kodama)
09:35-10:05Star formation and galaxy growth at high redshift (Mark Dickinson, NOAO)*pdf
10:05-10:35Prospects for Imaging the CGM and IGM with TMT (Christopher Martin, Caltech)*pptx
10:35-10:55Break (poster viewing)
10:55-11:15Studying Galaxy Formation with TMT (Toru Yamada, U.Tohoku)pdf
11:15-11:35Ly-alpha morphology-density relation at high-z (Yuichi Matsuda, NAOJ)pptx
11:35-11:55Formation and evolution of massive early-type galaxies (Masayuki Tanaka, NAOJ)pdf
(Chair: Masayuki Akiyama)
13:30-13:50From MAHALO-Subaru to ALOHA-TMT: unveiling internal physics of distant galaxies across environment (Yusei Koyama, NAOJ)pptx
13:50-14:10Probing Space-time Structure near Massive Black Hole with Orbiting Stars (Shogo Nishiyama, NAOJ)pdf
■ Cosmology ■
14:10-14:40Probing the nature of Dark Matter with the Thirty Meter Telescope (Tommaso Treu, UCSB)*pdf
14:40-15:00Quasar absorption lines with TMT and synergies with upcoming radio telescopes (Neeraj Gupta, IUCAA)pdf
15:00-15:20Break (poster viewing)
■ Time domain, polarimetry ■
(Chair: Masaomi Tanaka)
15:20-15:50Time Domain Astronomy in the next decade (Shri Kulkalni, Caltech)*pptx
15:50-16:20Time Domain Science with the TMT - a few cases (G.C. Anupana, IIA)*pdf
16:20-16:40Study on GRB host galaxies in the TMT era (Tetsuya Hashimoto, NAOJ)pptx
16:40-17:00Potential of TMT polarimetry (Koji Kawabata, U.Hiroshima)pptx
18:30-Workshop dinner at 5th floor of Sapia Tower
Thursday Oct. 17 2013 @ Fukuracia Tokyo Station, 5F Meeting Room K
■ Nearby galaxy ■
(Chair: Masashi Chiba)
09:00-09:30Stellar Astrophysics - Things that are too hard for Keck (Judy Cohen, Caltech)*pptx
09:30-10:00The Nearby Universe and the TMT: New Tools to Address Old Problems (Tim Davidge, DAO)*pdf
10:00-10:30Galactic dynamics in the TMT era (Shude Mao, NAOC)*
10:30-10:50Non-Universal Initial Mass Function in the Galaxy Explored Using Binary Population Synthesis (Takuma Suda, NAOJ)pdf
10:50-11:10Break (poster viewing)
■ Stars, Exoplanets & star formation ■
(Chair: Hideyuki Izumiura)
11:10-11:40Exploring Cosmic Magnetic Fields with TMT (Charles M. Telesco, U.Florida)*
11:40-12:00Surface CNO abundance and pulsation of blue subergiants tell about internal mixing and winds of massive stars (Hideyuki Saio, U.Tohoku)pptx
13:30-13:50Exoplanets and Disks Studies with SEEDS and Steps toward TMT (Motohide Tamura, U.Tokyo)pdf
13:50-14:10Mid-IR Science Cases of Planet Forming Disk (Mitsuhiko Honda, U.Kanagawa)pdf
14:10-14:30Water and organic molecules in protoplanetary disks (Hideko Nomura, U.Kyoto)pptx
■ 2nd gen. instruments ■
(Chair: Ryuji Suzuki)
14:30-15:00Thirty Meter Telescope: Future Science Instrument Development (Luc Simard, NRCC)*pptx
15:00-15:20Break (poster viewing)
15:20-15:45TMT-AGE: Analyzer for Galaxies in the Early universe (Masayuki Akiyama, U.Tohoku)pdf
15:45-16:10MICHI: A mid-IR Instrument Design for the TMT (Mitsuhiko Honda, U.Kanagawa/Chris Packham, U.Texas)pdf
16:10-16:35Terrestrial Planets Imaging on TMT (Taro Matsuo, U.Kyoto)pdf
16:35-16:55Generation of Infrared Guide star catalog for TMT observations (Smitha Subramanian, IIOA)pdf
16:55-Closing remark (Tomonori Usuda, NAOJ)pdf


[1]Exploring the Need for Requirements for Polarimetric and Time Resolved Observing Capabilities with the TMT (Warren Skidmore, TMT)
[2]Development of an optical integral field unit with an image slicer (Shinobu Ozaki, NAOJ)
[3]Census for coevolution of dusty starbursts and tori around AGNs in High-z LIRGs (Hitoshi Hanami, U.Iwate)
[4]EXtremely early-phase observations of Type Ia Supernovae (Masayuki Yamanaka, U.Kyoto)
[5]Novel Gratings for Next Generation Astronomical Instruments (Noboru Ebizuka, U.Nagaoya)
[6]Mid-IR Observations of Extragalactic Objects (Chris Packham, U.Texas)
[7]High Spatial Resolution Imaging for Small Solar System Bodies and Dwarf Planets (Seitaro Urakawa, JSA)
[8]High resolution mid-IR spectroscopy: current status (Matthew Richter, UC Davis)
[9]Near-infrared Spectroscopy of Ices on Trans-Neptunian Objects (Tsuyoshi Terai, NAOJ)
[10]NIR observations of young brown dwarfs and planetary mass objects (Yumiko Oasa, U. Saitama)
[11]Coordinated follow-ups for GRB in the early universe with ground-based THz/submm telescopes (Yuji Urata, NCU)
[12]Development of Integral Field Unit (IFU) for Future Mid-Infrared Instruments and its Science Cases (Itsuki Sakon, U.Tokyo)
[13]Super Echelle Spectroscopy of Cometary Volatiles (Hideyo Kawakita, KAO)
[14]Investigating the stellar parameters of pre-main sequence stars with TMT (Yuhei Takagi, U.Hyogo)
[15]Exoplanet observations using TMT-MICHI with a coronagraph (Kanae Haze, ISAS/JAXA)